About Unisinos

Unisinos Schools

In the pursuit of technological inflection and internationalization, Unisinos begins to take important steps to create an institutional identity of knowledge. One of them is the concept of Schools.

Within Unisinos’ strategic planning, the Schools have an extremely important role, which is the synergy within specific thematic confluences through different courses, programs, projects, research, teaching and extension activities from six axes of articulation, integration and promotion of the theoretical and methodological discussions in the processes of knowledge production and training.

The Schools, as they are designed at Unisinos, are innovative in terms of academic structure to meet the new demands of the mainstream, to overcome the limitations of the old academic structure, divided into departments and centers.

Led by the figure of a Dean, the Schools do not replace nor compete with the administrative structure of the university established in 2004, in which the different courses, programs, projects and research activities are managed by the Academic and Support Offices.

They provide a new transverse ingredient, which is to articulate, integrate and promote theoretical and methodological discussions in the pursuit of academic excellence from theme strategically defined by Unisinos.

Although each School be identified with a set of courses, programs, projects and research activities in the area to which it is referred, its "borders" are mobile and permeable in essence, as well as those programs, projects and activities are designed with the participation of more than one Dean.


  • academic excellence;
  • financial and economic sustainability;
  • environmental sustainability;
  • entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • commitment to future demands of society;
  • international vocation;
  • synergy;
  • scale and productivity; and
  • activity in all areas of the university.