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Pró-Maior Project

See the flashmob from the Pró-Maior Social Project organized in São Leopoldo campus.

Social Responsability

Building knowledge and training professionals for a sustainable society

The concept of a University’s Social Responsibility (USR) is being largely adopted by the Association of Latin-American Jesuit Universities (AUSJAL) and was inspired in the contributions of François Vallayes.

It means “the ability and effectiveness of the University in meeting the needs of the transformation of the society in which it is immersed, through the exercise of its their substantive functions: teaching, research, extension and internal management. These functions should be stimulated by the pursuit of the promotion of justice, solidarity and social equity, through the construction of successful responses to meet the challenges involved in promoting sustainable human development.”

The concept highlights five dimensions: the educational (academic life in its teaching-learning process), the epistemological and cognitive (academic life in its process of knowledge production), the organizational (academic life in its organizational management and internal administrative), the social (academic life in its relationship with society) and the environmental (academic life in its relation with the environment). These five dimensions make us understand the entire life of the University or, in other words, the whole space of the formative process.

Our dream is to have a sustainable society with a permanent technological innovation and with the establishment of guarantees of social and environmental sustainability. We foster a balanced society and its relation with the environment, now and in the future. In this way, Unisinos is convinced that citizens and professionals of the society must undergo a process of consistent training and of building knowledge, and the system in which this process takes place must be supported.