Business Administration – Foreign Trade

Program at Unisinos

Launched in 1976, it is one of the most respected programs in the area. It offers comprehensive training that will enable you to build your career in both technical and management areas. In addition, strategic vision, which helps companies make decisions, is present right from the first semesters of the program.

You and the Market

International trade is expanding and its rules frequently change. For this reason, you need to be up-to-date with new practices and laws. At Unisinos, the professors are in contact with the market and are familiar with this reality. Growth in commercial transactions around the world has also increased the scope of activities. With a diploma in Foreign Trade from Unisinos, you will be able to work in companies such as banks, the Brazilian tax revenue service, exporters and importers, international shipping companies, customs brokerages, trading companies and insurance companies.

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Semester 1
Introduction to International Trade (4 credits)
Philosophical Anthropology and Economics (4 credits)
Market Economy (4 credits)
Mathematics for Administration (4 credits)
Basics of Administrative Processes (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 2
Investment Analysis (4 credits)
Management by Processes (4 credits)
Administration Theories (4 credits)
Managerial Accounting (4 credits)
Quantitative Methods and the Decision-Making Process (4 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Concepts and Practices (4 credits)
Business Experience in International Trade I (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 3
Short-term Financial Administration (4 credits)
Brazilian and International Economic Situation (4 credits)
Export Operations (4 credits)
Basics of People Management (4 credits)
Basics of Operations and International Logistics (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 4
Import Operations (4 credits)
Information System Management (4 credits)
Basics of Marketing (4 credits)
Latin America, Development and Sustainability (4 credits)
Corporate Law (4 credits)
Currency Exchange and Financial Transactions in Foreign Trade (4 credits)

Semester 5
Import and Export Cost Management (4 credits)
Strategic Administration (4 credits)
Innovation Management (4 credits)
Cooperation Networks (4 credits)
Marketing Research (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 6
Research Methodology in Administration (4 credits)
Ethics and Business (4 credits)
Organizational Entrepreneurship and Innovation (4 credits)
Long-term Financial Administration (4 credits)
International Physical Distribution (4 credits)
Management Laboratory (4 credits)
Business Experiences in International Trade II (4 credits)

Semester 7
International Logistics (4 credits)
International Finance (4 credits)
International Negotiation (4 credits)
International Economics for Foreign Trade (4 credits)
Supervised Internship (4 credits)
Final Course Paper (4 credits)

Semester 8
Geopolitics and International Relations (4 credits)
International Marketing Strategies (4 credits)
Legal and Tax Procedures in Foreign Trade (4 credits)
Final Course Paper II (4 credits)
Free-choice Course (4 credits)

Additional Activities
English for International Trade I (4 credits)
English Proficiency Test I (4 credits)
English for International Trade II (4 credits) or English Proficiency Test II (4 credits)
Study Trip (4 credits)

Electives Academic Activities
Special Topics in Economics (4 credits)
Study Trip (4 credits)
Academic Skills in English (4 credits)
Organization and Make-up of Companies (4 credits)
Arbitration and Forensic Accounting (4 credits)
Introduction to Controllership (4 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Concepts and Practices (4 credits)
Analysis of Financial Statements (4 credits)
Credit Analysis and Assessment (4 credits)
Short-term Financial Administration (4 credits)
Long-term Financial Administration (4 credits)
Cost Management and Analysis (4 credits)
Project Management (4 credits)
Corporate Budgeting (4 credits)
Basics of Marketing (4 credits)
Marketing Research (4 credits)
Investment Analysis (4 credits)
Management by Processes (4 credits)
Export Operations (4 credits)
Basics of International Operations and Logistics (4 credits)
Corporate Law (4 credits)
Text Interpretation and Production (4 credits)
International and Brazilian Economic Situation (4 credits)
Afro-descendants in Latin America (4 credits)
Organizational Entrepreneurship and Innovation (4 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (4 credits)
Indigenous Peoples in Contemporary Latin America (4 credits)
Inclusion and Accessibility in Professional Contexts (4 credits)
Deaf Culture and Brazilian Sign Language (4 credits)

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The course builds ties with the market through exchanges and technical visits. This enables you to understand in practice how goods travel around the world, expanding your ability to work in the international market.

Accreditation: Decree 75577/1975 - DOU April 9, 1975; Accreditation Renewal: Ordinance SERES/MEC 272/2017 - DOU April 4, 2017

Head of Program: Rafael Vescovi Bassani
E-mail: comex@unisinos.br
Phone: 3590-8151 or 3590-8407

Program Duration: 184 credits - 3,168 class hours + 360 hours of additional activities (minimum time: 4 years; maximum time: 8 years)

On-site course offered at the São Leopoldo campus.

Business Administration – Foreign Trade