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Jesuit Network

The Company of Jesus is a religious order that promotes the faith and works for justice through the dialogue in a pluralistic and challenging world.

It was founded in 1540 at the University of Sorbonne, Paris (France), by a group of seven professors – among them the priest Ignatius of Loyola. The new Order was born based on an innovative and caring attitude in the field of religion in that time.

Under the motto "Staying in the world by serving others, even with the uncertainty of saving" , the Jesuits played an important role in forming responsible citizens in the course of its history, establishing educational institutions in their various missions around the world, with particular attention to the Americas and Europe.

Jesuit Education

The Jesuit education project aims at benefiting human beings, in all their dimensions, in an emancipatory process through knowledge and dialogue, also characterized by the ability to respond to the real needs of society.

Jesuit Culture
Learn more about the Jesuit Culture present in Unisinos’ identity.

Ignatian Pedagogy
Based on the social humanism and solidarity, the Ignatian Pedagogy is the basis for Unisinos' educational project.

Jesuit Memorial
Find out about the Jesuit Memorial and see how to contribute to the preservation of culture and history.

Aware of the challenges of our time, the Unisinos Humanitas Institute (IHU) puts on the agenda the issues of these days.

Jesuits - Province of Southern Brazil
The Jesuits of the Province of Southern Brazil are responsible for different educational institutions.

Asociación de la Compañía de Jesús in Latin America.

Learn more about the Jesuits in Brazil.

Be aware of the Jesuit Network worldwide.