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International Day
International Day

Orientation workshop with foreign students. Photo: Rafael Casagrande

Undergraduate Exchange Program


Foreign students enrolled at one of our partner universities are able to participate in Unisinos Students Exchange Program. In order to participate, the student must first contact the International Affairs office of her/his home institution in order to verify the necessary procedures. Students who meet the prerequisites of the home institution must be nominated to participate in the program.

Application Deadline

First semester » September 30th – November 30th 
Second semester » February 28th – May 31st 


How to apply

1. The home institution selects the student, according to their prerequisites, and nominates them as exchange students.

2. Students fill out the application form for the Undergraduate Exchange Program, available at:, and send to us by e-mail ( the following documents (as PDF files):

     a. Statement of the International Affairs at the home university, confirming that the student has been selected to participate in the exchange program.
     b. Official transcript from the home university (in English or Spanish). 
     c. Passport copy.
     d. 1 digital photo (passport size).

3. After the student acceptance through the program’s head, Unisinos sends the Letter of Acceptance to the student.

Tuition and Fees

The payment of credits in case of academic mobility through partner institutions is held at the home university. The language course of Portuguese for foreigners, since it is part of the institution’s Institute of Languages, is charged separately, according to the contracted hours. The use of other university services (photocopying, gym etc.) can also result in charging.

Academic Info

Academic Calendar 
First semester: February - July 
Second semester: August - December
The calendar is available at: 

Programs information

Syllabus inquiry

Courses choice  
Students can choose courses from different programs, if their choice is approved by their home institution.

Courses in English 
Learn more

The enrollment will be done before the student's arrival at the university, according to the study plan set out in the application form. In order to implement it, Unisinos will contact the student, sending more information regarding the schedule grid. Once enrolled, the student will have access to all services, including the access to the library and to the student’s website. After the student’s arrival, the enrollment can be changed until the second week of classes.

Portuguese for foreigners
Unilínguas offers a course designed for foreigners who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, as well as its social and cultural aspects. Besides the class modality, classes are offered under demand: the student chooses the day of the week, the dynamics used in class and its location (at Unilínguas in São Leopoldo or Porto Alegre).

Academic transcripts 
At the end of the semester, transcripts with the grades obtained will be sent to the home institution up to 8 weeks after the end of classes.

Useful Info

Unisinos doesn’t have a dormitory on campus. Thus, we indicate the Centro de Espiritualidade Cristo Rei (CECREI). Their accommodation options are available at In case of interest, the contact should be done directly with its administration by email or by telephone +55 51 3081 4200 (in Portuguese).

It is a student's responsibility to obtain a visa. All students must apply for it at a Brazilian Consulate in their country’s jurisdiction. 

Health Insurance 
One of the documents requested to all foreign students for obtaining the visa is the health insurance. The health insurance must be obtained in the student’s home country before leaving. A copy of the student insurance will be requested on the welcoming day.