Administration With Emphasis on Innovation Management and Leadership (GIL)

Program at Unisinos

Created in 2003 by Unisinos, GIL was a response to increased demand for innovation in the corporate market and other transformations in the new millennium. With dynamic and integrated classes, the program develops competencies that will enable you to become an enterprising leader with a socially responsible vision and collaborative spirit. In the curriculum, there are also two exchanges with foreign universities. The classes have a maximum of 40 students, which is conducive to you and your classmates building strong bonds. The program is dynamic and undergoes constant curricular reviews to always be innovative. For all these reasons, it has received top scores from the Ministry of Education.

You and the Market

Practice is the rule throughout the course. Through real projects, done each semester, you will be prepared to be a professional with a broad vision. The activities include practical challenges of organizations, NGOs and private companies, in addition to internships, study trips, forums and seminars, university extension projects, chats with entrepreneurs and visits to companies. These are always linked to market trends and needs.

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Semester 1
The Contemporary World: Diagnostics and Perspectives (660 hours)

Semester 2
Basics of Management (660 hours)

Semester 3
Business Processes (660 hours)

Semester 4
Product Development (660 hours)

Semester 5
Strategy and Competitiveness (660 hours)

Semester 6
International Exchange (420 hours)

Electives Academic Activities
Special Topics in Economics (4 credits)
Study Trip (4 credits)
Academic Skills in English (4 credits)
Organization and Make-up of Companies (4 credits)
Arbitration and Forensic Accounting (4 credits)
Introduction to Controllership (4 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Concepts and Practices (4 credits)
Analysis of Financial Statements (4 credits)
Credit Analysis and Assessment (4 credits)
Short-term Financial Administration (4 credits)
Long-term Financial Administration (4 credits)
Cost Management and Analysis (4 credits)
Project Management (4 credits)
Corporate Budgeting (4 credits)
Basics of Marketing (4 credits)
Marketing Research (4 credits)
Investment Analysis (4 credits)
Management by Processes (4 credits)
Export Operations (4 credits)
Basics of International Operations and Logistics (4 credits)
Corporate Law (4 credits)
Text Interpretation and Production (4 credits)
International and Brazilian Economic Situation (4 credits)
Afro-descendants in Latin America (4 credits)
Organizational Entrepreneurship and Innovation (4 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (4 credits)
Indigenous Peoples in Contemporary Latin America (4 credits)
Inclusion and Accessibility in Professional Contexts (4 credits)
Deaf Culture and Brazilian Sign Language (4 credits)

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GIL has 30% more class hours than other conventional undergraduate programs. The curriculum is composed of learning programs, involving integrated workshops that impart a systemic and practical vision. The professors use modern dynamics to lead the classes, and assessment is based on the competencies developed by the student, who receives continuous feedback from each professor. In addition to enhancing skills, such as oral and written communication, leadership and reflective thinking, students are prepared for an international career, with English classes and two curricular exchanges, one lasting two weeks and the other the entire semester.

Accreditation: Decree 75577/1975 - DOU April 9, 1975; Accreditation Renewal: Ordinance SERES/MEC 272/2017 - DOU April 4, 2017

Course Coordinators: Marcelo Jacques Fonseca and Janaína Lemos Becker
E-mail: mfonseca@unisinos.br and janainab@unisinos.br
Phone: 3591-1122 extension 3722

Duration at Unisinos: 284 credits - 4,260 class hours + 80 hours of additional activities (minimum time: 4 years)

On-site program offered at the Porto Alegre and São Leopoldo campuses.

Administration With Emphasis on Innovation Management and Leadership (GIL)