Internationalization Plan

The Institutional Internationalization Project (PII) of Unisinos, submitted to CAPES, within the scope of the International Institutional Program, Public Call 41-2017, was approved in August 2018. The PII seeks to consolidate the university's internationalization policy for the period between 2018-2021, which aims to concentrate efforts in three priority thematic areas, foreseen in its PDI: (a) Innovation and Entrepreneurship; (b) Microelectronics and; (c) Health and Technology.

These three areas were mobilized through the development of research, work missions and various interaction in the global scenario, for four themes:1) IoT and Health, 2) Industry 4.0, 3) Ecosystems of innovation, and 4) Digital Transformation and Humanities. The integration between the three priority areas that will be mobilized by the themes gave rise to four research projects in international cooperation capable of promoting a wide and systemic synergy among the University's PPGs, connecting in an interdisciplinary and unprecedented way 70 teachers and more than 400 students of 5 graduate programs. As only Graduate Programs with a grade higher than 4 (by CAPES scale) could take advantage of the resources of this call, those that fit the proposal were the Graduate Programs in Business Administration, Applied Computing, Communication, Design, and Education..

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The approved grant includes resources for work assignments, scholarships and consumable materials in the total amount of up to R $ 6,167,610.08 for the 4 (four) years of project. The activities of the first phase start in 2019 and end on 04/11/2020, when there will be a partial evaluation for the renewal of the project. If it is renewed, the project will continue until 04/11/2022.


Unisinos Print offers support in the following modalities:

1. Aid for work missions abroad - Missions

2. Resources for project maintenance - Project

3. Scholarships abroad:
a. Ph.D. internship
b. Senior Visiting Professor
c. Junior Visiting Professor
d. Short term courses abroad.

4. Scholarships in Brazil:
e. Visiting Professor in Brazil
f. Young Talent with experience abroad

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