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Technological Institutes - itt

Unisinos Technological Institutes reinforce the strategic approach of the institution on technological support services to companies and organizations so as to foster research, development and innovation, besides generating highly technical specialized personnal.

Strongly linked to research and structured with high technology equipment, the Technological Institutes act as partners of companies and organizations. 

  • Performance and Civil Construction Technological Institute Unique in this segment in the southern region of Brazil, the Technological Institute itt Performance is highly prepared to evaluate and develop reliability of constructive systems, providing certification to enterprises of the civil construction branch. itt Performance acts together with the Graduate Program in Civil Engineering of Unisinos. www.unisinos.br/itt/ittperformance
  • Foods for Health Technological Institute The institute focuses on the food areas, nutrition and nutraceutical areas and it emphasizes research development oriented to application, integrating the needs of the productive sector. It acts in technology modeling, in projecting and developing products, in the optimization of methods, techniques and processes, certifying quality and opening new perspectives for the sector. itt Nutrifor is also unique in Latin America and acts in synergy with the Professional Master-Degree in Nutrition and Food. www.unisinos.br/itt/ittnutrifor
  • Micropaleontology Technological Institute In Brazil, no similar Technological Institute to the itt Fossil exists. With a high investment and a partnership with Petrobras, the institute receives rock samples extracted from the sea ground so as to be studied in equipment oh the latest generation, as the Electronic Scanning Microscopy (MEV). It is but also reconstruct the environment in which the microfossil lived. itt Fossil acts in synergy with the Graduate Program in Geology of Unisinos. www.unisinos.br/itt/ittfossil
  • Semiconductors Technological Institute Unique in Latin America, itt Chip makes part of a project for the creation of a global research, development and innovation center focused on encapsulation areas and testing semiconductors in the southern region of Brazil. The institute is a reference in encapsulation and test of semiconductors, graduating highly qualified human resources and offering technological support for companies, through rendering qualified service. www.unisinos.br/itt/ittchip
  • Functional Safety and Tests Technological Institute The Technological Institute itt Fuse is planned to assist on the development of products, with a major focus on functional safety. The experienced and qualified team also counts with a substructure divided into three test and analysis modulus: Microscopy and Material Analysis; Reability and Peformance, and Analysis of Electric Defects. itt Fuse is unique in Latin America. www.unisinos.br/itt/ittfuse