12th to 14th of December, 2016
Campus São Leopoldo


This event is a biannual initiative of the Post-Graduate Program in Social Sciences of Unisinos (PPGCS). Its fifth edition incorporates an element of international engagement with the PPGCS, related to alternative economies and their actors and actions in civil society and the public sphere, particularly regarding the question of Social and Solidarity Economies. This field of studies unites two international networks, RILESS and EMES, which bring thinkers of international import, specialists, and academics from a number of countries to the event.

A first International RILESS-EMES Conference will join the V symposium, constituting a privileged moment of interaction and discussion about new initiatives and social alternatives for the combat of inequality, the expansion of human rights, new economic organizations, and public policy social innovation. Presentations by recognized intellectuals, such as Ladislau Dowbor (Brazil), Jean-Louis Laville (France), and José Luis Coraggio (Argentina), as well as researchers of note in this event’s themes, will make up the program. In addition, working


It is possible to either present work or simply audit the event. Registration and payment of the corresponding fee are obligatory in both instances. Notice that the values are the same.

To receive a certificate of participation a minimum of 75% presence in the event’s activities is necessary. For the certificate for presentation of a paper, beyond the submission of the paper under the condition of author or coauthor, it is necessary to appear in the presentation session of the respective working group. Participants will receive their Certificates by internet, after the event.

Participants who already have login and access password at Unisinos can sign up from now through the link REGISTRATION, since it is available here or at the top of this page. We strongly recommend you to apply as soon as possible. If you opt for registration through a bank, only manage the bank slip if you can pay it in 48 hours in the Brazilian banking system, in order to avoid new printing of the bank slip and interest additional costs. The other available payment alternative is by credit card.

Participants who do not have login and access password at Unisinos must make their application in person at the campus at any time until the second day of the event (13/12). The morning of the first day of the event, 12/12, will be entirely reserved for applications through a service at the reception desk, located at the Cultural Library Lounge (details on the campus map). Applications can be made throughout the day 12/12 and on the morning of 13/12 through slip for payment in local bank branches (Bank of Brazil, Banrisul, Santander and Caixa Econômica Federal), or by credit card. Bilingual monitors (Portuguese / English or Spanish) will help foreign participants.

Authors of papers approved for presentation in the thematic sessions do not need to pay in advance their registration, but we ask them to kindly let us know in case of impossibility to attend the event, sending an e-mail to: mariliav@unisinos.br.

The categories of registration are as follows:

• Regular Participants (professors, researchers, and non-academic public): R$ 180.00.
• Ph.D. and Master Students: R$ 120.00 (produce evidence at the reception desk).
• • EMES or RILESS Members: R$ 120.00 (membership will be conferred by the coordination of networks at the reception desk).
• Undergraduate Students: R$ 60.00 (produce evidence at the reception desk).
• Brazilian School Teachers and Associated Members of Solidarity Economy Enterprises: R$ 30.00 (present a professional proof or a cover letter of the Enterprise).

Participants enrolled in the event will receive on their arrival the printed program of the event, with the campus map and other practical guidance, as well as an identification badge to get access to activities. We stress that bags will not be provided and recommend the use of a personal backpack or similar. The campus of Unisinos has several wireless access points to the internet and many restaurants and snack bars.

General Program

  1. 09:30am Reception and accreditation

    Local: Cultural Lounge, Library

  2. 10:00am Meeting of the Scientific Committee and Staff

    Local: Seminar Room 1, Library

  3. 01:00pm Lunch (University Restaurant)
  4. 02:00pm Working Thematic Sessions

    02:00 – 03:30 – Parallel sessions A
    03:30 – 04:00 – Coffee break
    04:00 – 05:30 – Parallel sessions B

    • Coordination: Prof. Marília Veronese (PPGCS)

    Local: Community Center Classrooms

  5. 05:45pm Book Launch

    Local: Cultural Lounge, Library

  6. 06:45pm Dinner (University restaurants)
  7. 07:30pm Official Opening Session

    • Academic representatives of the University
    • Representatives of the RILESS
    • Representatives of the EMES
    • Representatives of the State Council of Solidarity Economy / RS

    Local: Bruno Hammes Auditorium - Law School

  8. 08:00pm Opening Conferences

    • Prof. Ladislau Dowbor (PUC-SP-Brazil)
    Title: Globalization, crises, and alternatives

    • Prof. Jean-Louis Laville (CNAM - Paris)
    Title: A plural and critical approach of the economy and the alternatives

    • Discussion time (30 min)

    • Coordination: Prof. José Luis Coraggio (UNGS – Argentina)

    Local: Bruno Hammes Auditorium - Law School

  9. 10:00pm Closing

Working Thematic Sessions

The submission of papers is now closed. More than 150 proposals have been approved. Check here the complete schedule of the thematic sessions, with the times and locations of all the presentations.

The Working Thematic Sessions, to be held on the afternoons of the 12/12 and 13/12, consist of the presentation of academic papers connected with study and research, with three 20 min presentations and 30min of debates in each session. In the case of presentations in English, there will be consecutive translation, with a time for presentation commensurately reduced as to insure that the presentation and debate do not exceed 30 min. The presenters of the same session will carry out the role of discussant of the papers, each one being supposed to have previously read their interlocutor’s paper. Depending on authorization by its author and on revision prior to the event, we will send the best papers to the editors of scientific journals associated with the promoting institutions, with an eye to the eventual invitation of the authors for submissions of the referent scientific articles.

The central campus of Unisinos is located in São Leopoldo City, around 30 km from Porto Alegre, with multiple access options. From Porto Alegre there are buses that pass through the campus or go to the central bus station in São Leopoldo, with connecting urban lines leading to the campus. Another option is the suburban train (Trensurb) with departures from stations located in the central area of Porto Alegre (Public Market and main Bus Terminal) and a station next to the airport that passengers reach by an airmobile (5min). At the Unisinos Trensurb station, 35min far from the airport, passengers can take a free shuttle bus to the campus.

On 12/12, at noon, a special bus will take the participants from the Terminal 1 of the airport in Porto Alegre to the campus of Unisinos. On Wednesday evening, after the closing session of the event, a bus will depart from the campus to return to the airport. Those who wish to take these buses must make their reservations by 04/12, without fail (informing the arrival and departure flights, full name, number of ID or passport) by e-mail: riless@riless.org.

  • Parking
  • Transport

    Information on transport click here

  • Food

    O campus da Unisinos em São Leopoldo possui restaurantes para todos os gostos.

  • Accommodation

    São Leopoldo has several hotels, some of them very close to the campus of Unisinos. We suggest the following options:

    Work Hotel: in front of the campus, at Unisinos Avenue, with special rates for the event.
    Hotel 10: at the side of the BR116 highway and only 400m far from the campus, with special rates for the event.
    Pousada Sinos: at 200m from the campus, a friendly hostel widely used by students.

    Those interested should contact directly with the hotels, indicating their participation in the event.

    Solidary accommodation:
    We are providing alternative accommodation in the residence of students and professors of Unisinos, without costs. It is a friendly and interesting option in terms of social integration. Contacts and booking via e-mail: riless@riless.org.

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Know our key speakers:

Vídeo do conferencista José Luis Coraggio