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Pipel: Exploiting Resource Reorganization to Optimize Performance of Pipeline-Structured Applications in the Cloud

Workflow has become a standard for many scientific applications that are characterized by a collection of processing elements and an arbitrary communication among them. In particular, a pipeline application is a type of workflow that receives a set of tasks, which must pass through all processing elements (also named here as stages) in a linear [...]

Toward analyzing mutual interference on infrared-enabled depth cameras

Camera setups with multiple devices are a key aspect of ambient monitoring applications. These types of setups can result in data corruption when applied to recent RGB-D camera models because of mutual interference of the infrared light emitters employed by such devices. Consequently, the behavior of such interference must be appropriately evaluated to provide data [...]

A lightweight plug-and-play elasticity service for self-organizing resource provisioning on parallel applications

Today cloud elasticity can bring benefits to parallel applications, besides the traditional targets including Web and critical-business demands. This consists in adapting the number of resources and processes at runtime, so users do not need to worry about the best choice for them beforehand. To accomplish this, the most common approaches use threshold-based reactive elasticity [...]

A Survey of Sensors in Healthcare Workflow Monitoring

Activities of a clinical staff in healthcare environments must regularly be adapted to new treatment methods, medications, and technologies. This constant evolution requires the monitoring of the workflow, or the sequence of actions from actors involved in a procedure, to ensure quality of medical services. In this context, recent advances in sensing technologies, including Real-time [...]

MigPF: Towards on self-organizing process rescheduling of Bulk-Synchronous Parallel applications

Migration is a known technique to offer process rescheduling, being especially pertinent for Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) programs. Such programs are organized in a set of supersteps, in which the slowest process always determines the synchronization time. This approach motivated us to develop a first model called MigBSP, which combines computation, communication, and migration costs metrics [...]

MMEliot: Um Modelo para Internet das Coisas Explorando a Elasticidade da Computação em Nuvem

Atualmente, a adoção de tecnologias relacionadas à Internet das Coisas vem aumentando gradativamente. Devido a isso, cada vez mais são exigidas altas demandas de computação para tratar volumes grandes de dados. Como solução, a Computação em Nuvem se mostra promissora para suprir tais necessidades. Neste contexto, este artigo apresenta um modelo de elasticidade em nuvem [...]

Combinando Elasticidade Multi-Métrica em Nuvem nas Modalidades Vertical e Horizontal para Análise de Genes e Redução de Pragas Agrícolas

Projeto certificado pelo(a) coordenador(a) Rodrigo da Rosa Righi em 09/01/2018. Descrição: O projeto de pesquisa é interdisciplinar, sendo inserido no escopo da computação paralela e distribuída, em conjunto com demandas de alto desempenho provenientes do campo da biologia. A ideia principal é que a pesquisa proponha algoritmos e uma nova arquitetura para executar programas de [...]

Towards Enabling Live Thresholding as Utility to Manage Elastic Master-Slave Applications in the Cloud

The elasticity feature of cloud computing has been proved as pertinent for parallel applications, since users do not need to take care about the best choice for the number of processes/resources beforehand. To accomplish this, the most common approaches use threshold-based reactive elasticity or time-consuming proactive elasticity. However, both present at least one problem related [...]

Brokel: Towards enabling multi-level cloud elasticity on publish/subscribe brokers

Internet of Things networks together with the data that flow between networked smart devices are growing at unprecedented rates. Often brokers, or intermediaries nodes, combined with the publish/subscribe communication model represent one of the most used strategies to enable Internet of Things applications. At scalability viewpoint, cloud computing and its main feature named resource elasticity [...]