SOFTWARELAB is a Unisinos laboratory in Innovation on software development. The lab develops software products and services, often involving sensors or mobile devices, in partnership with industry. The main focus of action is related to Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, computer vision, and distributed applications. Among the topics explored by SOFTWARELAB, stand out machine learning, cloud and fog computing, high-performance computing, semantic modeling, mobile and ubiquitous computing, context-aware applications, wearables sensors, natural language programming, and health applications.

SOFTWARELAB was officially recognized as Unisinos’ laboratory of excellence in 2016, after a more than 10 years’ experience of the team in the development of applied research with the industry. This history records several success cases, including more than 20 patents, many interdisciplinary collaborations, and the academic education of more than 200 professionals, in undergraduate, master and Ph.D. levels.

It should be noted that as a laboratory of excellence, SOFTWARELAB differential is the fact to ally international recognized publications with applied research developed in partnership with industry. In the best of our knowledge, we are one of the few groups in Brazil that can join impact scientific publications and, at the same time, developing innovators products in partnership with the industry.