Vida Com Arte Project

This project is an initial step on a social action of cultural inclusion. It’s a service that exercises coexistence and bond strengthening. This has been designed in such a way as to optimize the initiatives of Social Actions from the University as well from Unisinos Anchieta Orchestra.

Willing to operate as a transforming agent this project actively contributes to raise the life quality of 250 children and young adolescents from public schools. It comprises the Series Community Concerts and Didactic Concerts and also provides music classes and citizenship education during three shifts per week. The participants receive instruments by a commodatum system and are taken care by 25 different professionals like teachers, psychologists, social workers and others.


Vida com Arte (Life with Art) has nowadays two string orchestras, two percussion groups, two musicalization groups and a choir.

According to national social policy (PNAS/2004) the project has as its main principle the promotion of human and social development through music and as its core axis the fortification of family ties through Orchestra, musicalization, choir and percussion groups.

This service therefore aims family bond strengthening and also social protection in order to prevent risk situations through development of potentials.

Besides that this service works the vulnerabilities out by potentializing the family as a legitimate space of protection that is to say as a reference unit. Through music we discuss issues regarding solidarity, individual capacity and self-steam.

The project also promotes an activity called “Orchestrating relationships” in which happen social and familiar interventions especially in three action fronts: with the educators, the learners and their families. The latter thus must be considered as the first protection circle.


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    Bairro Cristo Rei, São Leopoldo/RS
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