Unisinos CHORAL | CHORAL Allegro

Unisinos Choral was founded on June 21st in 1996 by Balduíno Rambo Academic Directory from Unisinos. After recording two CDS the Choral became a diversified culture reference seeking involvement and rapprochement towards the community. Unisinos Choral has developed a well qualified job with students and community in general gathering people through music. Has already been conducted by Maestro José Pedro Boéssio and João Paulo Sefrin. Currently has Daiana Fülber and Elisa Machado as its members.

Is destined to students, professors and employees as well other community members that identify themselves with Choral Singing.  One of its proposals is the accomplishment of capella music about Brazilian poetry.

Among its main production we can find Coral Unisinos CD launched in 1994, Unisinos 25 anniversary with 1983 trough 1993 recordings and Brazilian music Belo Belo CD launched in 2000. It also launched JESUITA ANTHEM “Tomai Senhor” in 2011. The Choral has already performed with great names from Brazilian scenarios as Kleiton e Kledir, Fafá de Belém and Jair Rodrigues. In 2012 performed Schubert Mass and Classical Beatles Concert both with Unisinos Orchestra.

Coral Allegro

Allegro Choral is destined to children and adolescents from 10 to 18 years old in São Leopoldo city. It is maintained by Unisinos and conducted by Daiana Fülber. The term Allegro is a reference to the singing teenager members’ quality of being fast and happy.

It was created in 2012 and has called the attention while in events like Christmas Unisinos Orchestra with Fafá de Belém and  Kleiton & Kledir, Seminário de Educação Popular, Encontro de Secretários de Educação, Unisinos Anniversary, Choral Festivals and Unipsico events.

In its repertoire there are composers from popular Brazilian music like Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, Totonho Villeroy and Vinícius de Moraes.

Since 2011 the choral has been improving its repertoire. In 2012 started being sponsored by Extramold Jomo Plastic Industry. This sponsorship has also funded 4 vocal arrangements for the group.

In 2012 the group performed with Unisinos Orchestra in many events like Classical Beatles and in Rock in Concert where played The wall from Pink Floyd.

Currently has 30 singers from São Leopoldo community.

Daiana Fulber | conductor
Elisa Conceição Machado | vocal technique

  • Av Unisinos 950
    Bairro Cristo Rei, São Leopoldo/RS
  • Fone: (51) 35908228