Disciplinas em Inglês

A Unisinos oferece disciplinas ministradas integralmente em Inglês. Estudantes regulares de todas as graduações da Unisinos podem se inscrever para participar. A iniciativa também é uma forma de ampliar a oportunidade estudantes estrangeiros de acesso ao conhecimento e de convívio com a cultura brasileira. 

Elas abrangem áreas como Engenharia, Economia, Comunicação e Design, dentro dos seguintes eixos temáticos: sustentabilidade; economia brasileira; cultura brasileira; inclusão social; humanidades; tecnologia; inovação e empreendedorismo.

Durante a sua rematrícula, você pode consultar no Minha Unisinos as ofertas para o semestre vigente. Confira, abaixo, as disciplinas em inglês.

Academic Skills in English

As technological resources advance, the boundaries between different cultures become more blurred each day. In the globalized context, it is the development of discursive skills what ensures professional and social achievements by enabling one’s competent performance in a wide range of communicative events.

Considering that a great amount of social communication is done in English, it is imperative to know this language to become an international citizen. In the academic environment, it is not enough to know English for reading. It is necessary to have full command of reading strategies which promote comprehension and critical thinking in the language in use. However, thinking for one’s self is not enough. It is important to share knowledge in the written and oral forms. For that to happen, the course Academic Skills in English, offered by Unisinos, promotes the development of the necessary skills to enable one’s full active participation in written and oral academic activities in English.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Concepts and Practices

It discusses the importance of the entrepreneurship and innovation issues in professional training in the contemporary society, concepts and understanding related to entrepreneurship and innovation, understanding of the entrepreneur personal competences and innovative business opportunities.

Sustainable Water Management

Water is one of the world’s most valuable natural resources. In many developing countries, water pollution and water scarcity pose a critical challenge for economical and human sustainable development due to climate change and resulting drought, massive population growth, and non-regulated waste disposal practices. As a result, it’s becoming difficult for the authorities of large urban areas to manage water supply and control wastewater discharges. Reusing and recycling water can play a key role in reducing the pressure on our natural water supplies. One alternative is recycling treated industrial and domestic wastewater for non-potable uses, like landscaping irrigation and toilet flushing.

This course provides introductory guidelines for water reuse strategies. Alternatives of wastewater reuse in industry, agriculture and buildings will be presented and discussed. The concepts, objectives and basic criteria for the selection of sustainable recycling processes will be addressed. A field trip is arranged to tour a facility located at the Unisinos campus designed to promote domestic wastewater treatment and reuse for landscaping irrigation and toilet flushing. This course can be offered to undergraduate students for the following courses: Engineering (Civil, Environmental), Architecture and Biology.