Nutrition and Food (MSc/PhD)

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The Professional Master's in Nutrition and Food aims at training professionals that combine an investigative attitude to a manufacturing practice, so as to act in the areas of Nutrition and Food, transferring knowledge to society in order to meet the current demands of the work market.

The Professional Master's Degree in Nutrition and Food is the first in Brazil in the area of Nutrition approved by CAPES. The course is part of the Technological Institute for Food for Health - itt Nutrifor. Linked to the institute, the course develops applied research that can directly collaborate on changes in the diet, in the production of food, in the development of innovative products and, consequently, on the improvement of the lifestyle, with a positive impact on public health and on the quality of life of individuals.

With the scientific and technological advances, the researches that present a multidisciplinary focus are the most promising regarding social applicability. The PPG Nutrition and Food is composed of professors from various fields such as Nutritionists, Biologists, Managers, Food Engineers, Agronomists and Pharmaceuticals among professors and doctors. In this context, the course becomes innovative due to its theoretical and scientific design that is supported by the principles of the generation and application of interdisciplinary knowledge in nutrition and food.

Area of concentration:

Nutrition & Food

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  • Nutrition and Human Metabolism
  • Quality and Innovation in Food

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For more information: unisinos.br/mestrado-profissional/nutricao-e-alimentos

Nutrition and Food (MSc/PhD)