Curso de Extensão em Summer School - Developing Innovation Ecosystems to the Industry 4.0 in a developing country


PRESENTATION: Innovation ecosystems are at the heart of thriving economies. Developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Israel, to name only a few, are known globally for having ecosystems that propel the creation of high value-adding businesses across different sectors. industry 4.0, which promises to revolutionize various aspects of societies and economies, goes hand in hand with this reality. Both realms are intertwined. A crucial question imposes itself in this context: how can innovation ecosystems related to industry 4.0 be created and expanded in developing countries? The answer to this question holds the promise that the gap between poor and rich countries will not continue to widen indefinitely. This is the backdrop to our course. You will learn about the state-of-the-art of industry 4.0 and innovation ecosystems, but, most importantly, you will be able to see how such realities have been taking shape in the context of a major developing country. Brazil's economic, social, and institutional contexts are complex and present challenges for entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives, as well as offering great potential for development. Successful examples exist and they have been leading the dash towards industry 4.0 in the country.

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OBJECTIVES: Learn the basics of innovation ecosystems and industry 4.0 and their specificities regarding the institutional context of a developing country. Understand the current streams of research involving both realities. Visit industry 4.0-related companies and startups embedded in local innovation ecosystems.

Carga Horária

30 horas

Público de interesse

PUBLIC: Undergraduate and graduate students, professors, researchers, professionals and policymakers who are interested in innovation ecosystems and/or industry 4.0.


PREREQUISITES: Candidates must: Either hold a bachelor title or be at the last year of an undergraduate course. Understand spoken and written English.


CERTIFICATE: Only those who attend a minimum of 75% of the course will receive the conclusion certificate.


Research and Graduate Studies Office

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